Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Comments for group: ITE6310 and Transformer

For group ITE6310:
I has posted their comment on last session! The ITE6310 has a clear picture. The information, activities and articles are pointed out quite clear. It categorizes the session in a clear view. It is easily to read and find out the necessary information on your blog.

But it seems the reflection and comment on the posting is not enough. Many postings just got zero comments and feedbacks! I think it can improve in the reflection and comment section!

For group Transformer:
They divide into 2 main parts on their layout: (1)Case Study Analysis (2) ePortfolio.
The part Case Study Analysis contain Site M2 case analysis, it looks well. The ePorfolio contains the Session activities. It is organized in good arrangement.

However, it seems difficult to 'leave comment and reflection' because they use Google Sites. The reflection and comment seems absent! The other classmates who is not belongs to group Transformer, that get difficult to 'leave feedback' to them because the Google Sites design constraint!

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