Monday, November 7, 2011

A case study of MITE program----Group activity 6

Factors contribute to the emergence of IPPUT practices:
A.the necessity of communication and sharing on an online platform
B.the convenience and pleasure brought by innovative practices
C. the willing to share and to discuss in and between groups
D.the proper assessment system to support these practices
Leadership characteristics most conducive to innovations:
Distributed leadership: everyone in the group is equal and act as a leader in turn. Most importantly, everyone should be totally responsible for his/her own study,as well as the group activites online. In other words, if a student works hard individually, it is not enough to get a high mark. He should also cooperate with group members. On the other hand, if a student does not strive to explore and learn more, it is impossible for him to get satisfactory results even if his group members are all working hard.

Implementation strategies:
Based on my own experience, when participants are encouraged but not forced to do something innovative , satisfactory results are more easily to achieve.For example, in some modules, when discussion on online platforms and sharing of materials are optional, students tend to forget what they should do after class while an other extreme is that students' post number is taken as the major standard of evaluation. In this situation, innovation practices seldom occur since students would rather do something the same as others and post as much as possible.

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