Sunday, November 13, 2011

Summary and reflection of group assignment

In MITE 6310 innovation in education is mainly discussed from several aspectsinnovation
role of teacherrole of studentscurriculumschool contextpolicy and professional community.
Our group work is mainly focused on the following Maine case:
Some links of the case and our discussions are as follows:

On the other hand, lot of examples of our own experiences, outside resources and evaluation of our courses and program are introduced to our blog work.
Case study based on our own experience:

Resources found online and analyzed in group activities and recent events such as the passing away of Jobs:

Evaluation of our courses and program:

I really appreciate my group-mates hard work and contribution to our group activity. Although we may not post the most passages on the blog, we do make comments and give feedback to each other, from which we benefit a lot. As Clive said in last session, the main value of learning is getting feedback and reflection from each other and we have achieved the value, I think. It is a good opportunity to rethink of innovative practices in education, as well as in our lives. Lively discussion always occurs when we try to follow up what happens around us, such as the unfortunate passing away and great achievements of Jobs and our new classroom. Finally, I suggest we try to make more comments on other group’s blog and share our opinions during the process.
Any reflection and comments are warmly welcome.


  1. Thanks Jacqueline for your summary. I also prepared a wrap up, which is a case study on the iBand case - posted by Clive before. Let's use that case to have a deeper analysis based on the framework (the 6 dimensions) we learnt. =)

  2. Thx for Jacqueline summarize in brief. It's a good classifying and grouping for our activities!