Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Session4 activity: Rayson's own review

In the innovative classroom, for example, like RM101, each students are provided with a new iMac for learning. Students are cooperation and join into grouping with the movable chairs. Also, the new design of the classroom is not only innovative, also elegant!

From the S1 to S17 student roles, I found that students have at least fit on the following roles:
S3: Search for information - we can use iMac to look for information from the web.
S6: Data gathering and processing - we can process the suitable data after information retrieval.

Then, on the classroom, the new interactive whiteboard (IWB) occurs, it can assist the student to present their idea, concept and work:
S4: Presentation on our own learning
S9: Reflect on our own learning by presentation
S10: Electronic presentation on own learning
S14: Peer tutoring by the presentation work

In addition, from the innovative classroom, the innovated movable chair can assit students role are:
S11: Engage in collaborative tasks with other students
S12: Engage in enquiry
S13: Collaborating with remote peers

I can see there are many roles that students have in innovative classroom. However, I just explore our new innovative classroom for example!

Our analysis for innovative cases, please refer:

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