Sunday, November 6, 2011

Group Activity 6 - ICT infrastructure

Here this is my brief sharing of the ICT infrastructure in my school.

I am teaching in a post-secondary institution (community college) in Hong Kong. Perhaps the ICT facilities available is richer when compared with secondary schools. One of the reasons is that, the mode of teaching in my school is closer to that in university - students do not have fixed times of lesson, students' self-learning (using ICT?) is highly promoted. Hence there are WiFi networks around, sufficient computers in the computer centre / library, and technical I.T. support team.

Nevertheless, the use of ICT in teaching is still not yet popular in my school. The most advanced one is the use of specific language software in teaching language / translation subject. However, in other subjects, use of ICT in teaching is not common. Probably there is lack of funds to support the installation of ICT hardware devices in normal classroom. In addition, "initiation" is another factor - there is not anyone who acts as the initiator for such activities.

My feeling is that, after taking this course, I hope I can initiate some innovative learning practices in my classroom, and see if it can be promoted further within my school.


  1. Ken, to installation of ICT hardware devices may be a huge investment for the institutions and I am also concerned about this problem in my organization. But I find that almost everyone in the organization has both laptop and mobile facilities such as iphone. So shall we try to make full use of the existing facilities to encourage more innovation practice instead of waiting for the arrangement of the institution which always takes a long time.

  2. Agree with you that sourcing funding and capital for hardware investment in classroom is a major problem in Hong Kong. Another problem is Hongkong Govt seems not like invest much money on the HK's education. Many program and course in HK's higher education becomes self-financed. Also, many primary and secondary schools have been 'killed' because the low birth-rate in Hong Kong. This may let many famous primary and secondary school has changed or intend to change to private and DSS (Direct Subsidy Scheme) mode school. Then they can get more control on their school's resource, and able to maintain their education quality to attract more students. Because the student quantity not enough can let them 'kill'. They want to survive and avoid to 'kill' by the government! Many schools (mainly primary and secondary) in Hong Kong maybe face this problem and put their resource in the other things to get 'survive' rather than ICT!

    Besides ICT hardware, some special software are expensive. Some subjects such like electronic circuit-design, interior design and architecture software, land-surverying, business intelligence ... etc, these special requirement software may be need special hardware match with this software to run. The investment on this type of ICT education are huge. Also, the fast software and hardware updating maybe a big concern for school. For an simple example, the current Microsoft Office and current Window OS version, this time invest they are new technology, but two years later they maybe outdated and become garbage!