Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Session6 activity: Rayson's own review

Task1: analyzing school context on the innovation
We use Ken's post-secondary institution (community college) in Hong Kong for analysis.

Task2: individual assignment task review
I do the 2nd task, the standalone learning object resource collection. I will collect the findings/ resources on the one of the eight modules. Then using the material to form a collective learning object (LO)!

Task3: review of sample VoiceThread/ SlideShare/ Prezi
On VoiceThread, I think it is most suitable to the presentation that with speech and dialogue.
On Prezi, I think the transitional effect between the slide show is the best between these 3 online presentation tools.
On SlideShare, I think it is a simple layout than Prezi and SlideShare.
But three of them are user-friendly!
If I use, I prefer to use Prezi as well!

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