Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Session7 activity: Rayson's own review

Scalability of innovation:
It can rate it by using the Diffusion of Innovation to put a value on the specific innovation. It can make it measurable on the innovation. Also, it makes the policy based on the method about 'Diffusion of Innovation' can let the innovation become scalability.

Sustainability and transferability of innovation:
From wiki: In contrast to disruptive innovation, a sustaining innovation does not create new markets or value networks but rather only evolves existing ones with better value, allowing the firms within to compete against each other's sustaining improvements. Sustaining innovations may be either "discontinuous" (i.e. "transformational" or "revolutionary") or "continuous" (i.e. "evolutionary").
Above means sustaining innovation has maintained its original market value. But it can put add-on on the technological part innovation rather than the market part. Then the policy should put emphasis on the technology to let it become transformational innovation (transferability). This new product should be the transferability of innovation from the original sustaining innovation (sustainability). The innovation move from sustaining to transformating one!
From the above 'Sustaining Innovation'  process diagram, it transfers from Scalable Startup (scalability) -> Transition (transferability) -> Sustaining Innovation (sustainability).

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